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3 More Realms Blaumeux, Skeram & Firemaw Added to WOW Classic

Time: 08/20/19

From Blizzard post, we can learn that there are extended queues on the full realms and 10000+ queues on Herod and Shazzrah. To provide the best playing experience, three new realms has been added to WOW Classic including Blaumeux and Skeram realms for NA as well as Firemaw realms for EU.

More realms added to Classic including Blaumeux, Skeram & Firemaw

We can see more and more players are crowding to create characters in WOW Classic realms which leads to almost all realms population has reached to the maximum. In such a case, Blizzard adds three new realms again. The pacific PvP realm Blaumeux and eastern PvP realm Skeram are added to NA Realms. On the other hand, EU Realms also get an English PvP realm Firemaw. As before, every WOW account is allowed to create three characters and you can create a maximum of 10 characters per WoW Classic realm as well as a total maximum of 50 characters across all realms restricted to the same faction.

Most pets & gear forbidden in Classic

Before you play WOW Classic, you need to focus on some main notes. When you are playing WOW Classic, you won't be allowed to use a ton of mounts, pets, titles, toys and transmog gear collected in World of Warcraft. However, your original WOW CE pets are available as long as you're playing on the same account created when you purchased the original WoW Collector's Edition code. 

We suggest that you'd better choose the new realms to create characters more easily before full release in order to experience WOW Classic immediately when launched. Besides, you can come to us to buy WOW Classic gold cheap with instant delivery at our site.

The WOWClassicGP Team