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3 New Realms Loatheb, Sul'thraze & Mandokir Added to WOW Classic

Time: 09/19/19

On Sept 19, there will be two new realms added to WOW Classic US realms and a new PvP realm added to WOW Classic EU realms. Once the three new realms are open, you can begin to transfer your characters from all PvP realms to the new realms. 

Two realms being added to WOW Classic US realms: Loatheb & Sul'thraze

According to the latest Blizzard post, it has been confirmed that they will open the new Latin American Spanish realm named Loatheb today. Meanwhile, the new Brazilian Portuguese PvP realm Sul'thraze will also be added into US realms at the same day. Both of the two new realms will be found on the new "Latin America" tab and "Brazil" tab respectively in the WOW Classic US realms list.

New PvP realm Mandokir being added to WOW Classic EU realms 

Apart from adding new realms to US realms, there is also a new realm being added to WOW Classic EU realms today. From the latest official post, the new Spanish PvP realm Mandokir is going to be added and you can find this new realm on the new "Spanish" tab in the WOW Classic realms list for European realms.
What is excited is that you can start to move your characters for free from all PvP realms into the three new realms. And they will be locked for creating new characters for the first 24 hours that they are open, which is in order to maximize the possibility that your character's name can be kept after transferring.

Are you excited and surprised for opening the three new WOW Classic realms? Don't forget to transfer your characters into these regions. What is more, cheap WOW Classic gold will be offered constantly. You can buy it from us with safe and fast delivery. 

The WOWClassicGP Team