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Access to WOW Shadowlands Beta Via Opt in to Be a Tester Not Keys

Time: 07/16/20

Don't know the methods to sign up for WOW Shadowlands Beta? Don't worry. Today we will tell you how to opt in this Beta. However, please keep in mind that only the way to Shadowlands Beta access from Blizzard is trustable. 

How to sign up for WOW Shadowlands Beta? 

The Shadowlands Beta has started this week and can be accessed by signing up. Here we introduce the steps of sign-ups for this Beta: 
1. Head to Battle.net 
2. Turn to the Shadowlands home page
3. Click on the "opt-in" button 
When the "opt-in" button turns black, you have a successful opt-in for Shadowlands Beta and you have been one of the candidates, which means that you have a chance to test the Shadowlands Beta. And here is a picture showing the successful opt-in: 

Opt In

No usable keys for WOW Shadowlands Beta 

We must remind all players that there are no usable keys or codes for Shadowlands Beta access. The only way to access to this Beta is opt in to become a tester. If your account is eligible for Shadowlands Beta access, it will appear in your Battle.net Client. Please note that don't believe any way to Beta access coming from any sources exclusive Blizzard. 

Hurry to sign up for WOW Shadowlands Beta through the steps mentioned above. Have a good experience in it! What is more, you can also buy cheap WOW gold and other products from us if you want. 

The WOWClassicGP Team