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Add UI System to WOW Shadowlands Great Vault for Weekly Cache Reward

Time: 07/30/20

During the latest Shadowlands build, WOW Shadowlands Great Vault has a UI system allowing you to select a gear reward from your Weekly Cache rewards. And you can gain more options for your Weekly Chest by completing various objectives in raids, dungeons and PvP.  

UI system added to WOW Shadowlands Great Vault 

UI has been added to the latest Shadowlands build for the Great Vault, which allows you to choose your weekly cache reward. You can complete the objectives in raids, dungeons and PvP to unlock multiple different options for your Weekly Chest. But please note that you can only choose one gear reward from the various options. 
Besides, the item level will scale based on certain factors. For example, raid item level probably depends on the difficulty of the raid you complete. Mythic+ item level depends on the lowest level of the top X dungeons. PvP item level is determined by the highest bracket win of the week. 

Complete objectives for more options of Weekly Chest 

To gain more options of your Weekly Chest, you can complete the following objectives in raids, dungeons and PvP: 
1. Raids 
- Defeat 3 raid bosses 
- Defeat 7 raid bosses 
- Defeat 10 raid bosses 
2. Mythic+
- Complete 1 Mythic dungeon
- Complete 5 Mythic dungeons 
- Complete 15 Mythic dungeons
3. PvP 
- Earn 100 Conquest points 
- Earn 150 Conquest points
- Earn 250 Conquest points 
Doing weekly raid will grant you 3 pieces of gear to choose from. If you want to do your weekly Mythic+ cache, you'll get 1 piece of gear to choose from, or you'll need to take the currency. And doing 15 dungeons and 10 raid bosses will grant you 6 options to choose from. 

Complete the objectives to gain more choices for your Weekly Chest with UI system added for WOW Shadowlands Great Vault. Further, please continue to buy cheap WOW gold at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team