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Best Professions for WOW Classic Gold Making & PvP Recommended

Time: 08/12/19

The World of Warcraft Classic will come in a near future. To help you know this game further, There are some best WOW Classic gold making professions and PvP professions shared from us.

Best gold making professions in WOW Classic

It's important and necessary to try your best to earn more gold for you. And here are three choices you can choose. For one thing, you can choose top 1 choice Skinning and Herbalism to make gold. For another thing, you can make use of Skinning and Mining to get gold. Lastly, the third choice is Enchanting and Tailoring. 
However, you cannot use Herbalism and Mining at the same time, which both belong to the sort of gathering professions, because you are allowed to track only one gathering profession on your mini-map. And you will make a quick profit easily by selling your findings on the Auction House with the help of two gathering professions. Besides, you can mix and match Enchanting with Tailoring-crafted items for materials to disenchant.

Top 3 choices for PvP professions in Classic: Engineering, Alchemy & Blacksmithing 

There are also three best professions recommended to those WOW Classic PvP fans including Engineering, Alchemy as well as Blacksmithing. The best and useful choice is Engineering. Because you can utilize it to make full use of multiple bombs, grenades and other gizmos to aid in PvP scenarios. In addition, you can also craft gear through Engineering. And then the top 2 choice is Alchemy. You can concoct potions to save you in PvP combat like Free Action Potion, Swiftness Potion, Superior Healing Potion and more. The third option is Blacksmithng that has a 30 second massive fear immunity compared with certain classes. 

Hope you can see and read this helpful news. By the way, come to WOWClassicGP.com to purchase cheapest WOW Classic gold quickly and safely.

The WOWClassicGP Team