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Best Questing Zones & More for WOW Classic Hunter Leveling Recommended

Time: 09/03/19

Here we decide to provide some useful suggestions for WOW Classic Hunter leveling. Owing to the more new players, we recommend some main questing zones involving Alliance, Horde and Contested. Besides, there are some notes that you have to keep in mind. 

Best Hunter Questing Zones while leveling WOW Classic Hunter

To help you level your Hunter more quickly, we provide several best questing zones for you:
1. Alliance only zones
- Darkshore: You can choose this early game zone after you complete the starting area for your particular race.
- Loch Modan: This is a good place to come back to and complete the easy quests once you out-level the content.
- Westfall: If you are leveling with a group of friends and want some higher item level rewards, this zone is worth considering. 
- Redridge Mountains: If you want to fill your quest bar from questing alone and have to bounce between zones of equal difficulty, it's the best choice to choose.
- Duskwood: This zone is full of quests, flavor and solid upgrades. 
- Wetlands: This is probably the last "Alliance only" zone.
2. Horde only zones
- The Barrens: This zone has no shortage of quests and will easily propel you toward level 20.
- Silverpine Forest: It has some decent quests to complete and is the Undead version of The Barrens.
- Stonetalon Mountains: This zone is fantastic as it is right next to the Barrens, and the level range of the two zones overlap.
In addition, there are also many Contested zones suggested to you, including Hillsbrad Foothills, Ashenvale, Thousand Needles, Stranglethorn Vale, Desolace, Arathi Highlands and Burning Steppes etc.

Top things you need to note during leveling your Hunter

When you level your Hunter, you must keep in mind the following notes:
1. Complete your Hunter quest to learn how to summon pets asap as pets are a vital part of being a Hunter.
2. Take full Arrows or Bullets as well as food for your pet. A fed pet will deal more damage.
3. Save up gold so you can purchase your mount at level 40 and 60.
4. When approaching levels 50 and up, begin checking out your Pre-Raid BiS gear and where it drops.

You can choose the best zones offered for you to level your Hunter fast. What's more, so much cheap WOW Classic gold is offered for you all the time, and you can place your order anytime at our site.

The WOWClassicGP Team