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Best Talents & Spells for WOW Classic Mage Leveling Recommended

Time: 09/12/19

Today we decide to share WOW Classic Mage leveling guide with all of you. From this guide, you can learn what talents are best for Mage leveling and what suitable spells are necessary while you level a Mage.    

What talents are best suitable for WOW Classic Mage leveling?

So far the best talent spec for WOW Classic Mage leveling has been Frost. Because Frost can give you access to both damage as well as utility. During Mage leveling, whether or not you decide to AoE grind can influence your talent spec greatly. 
On the other hand, AoE leveling is another popular way to level a Mage, which involves gathering up large amounts of enemies and AoEing them down with spells like Blizzard, Arcane Explosion, Frost Nova and Cone of Cold. Although you are not familiar with AoE leveling, it's also worth noting that it's valuable to simply AoE down four enemies at a time instead of Frostbolting down one mob at a time. 

Buy spells while leveling as a Mage 

You need to note that you can only buy certain spells at certain levels not buy every single ability as you can train, which can save you a lot of travel time as well as a lot of gold used to buy your first mount at level 40. Here are the details of necessary spells as well as when to use them.
1. Arcane Intellect: It can be maintained anytime, especially when you are in a party with other members who will benefit from this buff. 
2. Frostbolt: If you don't have access to a lot of your AoE spells, you'll simply Frostbolt into mobs.
3. Fireball: Before you get any talents that buff your frost damage, Fireball is suggested to use because they can do more damage than Frostbolt.
4. Arcane Explosion: It's one of your most important AoE spells. You can use rank 1 to proc Clearcasting for saving mana.
5. Frost Nova: It can be used to control enemies you have gathered up.
6. Cone of Cold: It can be used on "Frozen" enemies to Shatter them for a guaranteed critical strike. Also, you can simply use it as instant cast AoE damage that adds a slow. 
7. Blizzard: It can be used to deal damage and constantly slow enemies once you gain distance on enemies. It's the most mana efficient spell for AoE grinding.

In a word, you can use these tips to level WOW Classic Mage Class efficiently. By the way, cheapest WOW Classic powerleveling is always offered for you. You can place your order anytime if you need.

The WOWClassicGP Team