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Best Two WOW Classic Leveling Classes Mage & Hunter Recommended

Time: 08/24/19

With the WOW Classic approaching, the tiers for WOW Classic leveling Class have been released. And the top two leveling Classes are Mage and Hunter. Is the result the same as you expect? Here you can learn why they are at the top of the tier list.    

Advantages of top two leveling Classes: Mage & Hunter 

Depending on considering various aspects including Leveling speed, downtime between pulls, gold spent during the leveling process and so on, Mage and Hunter are regarded as the best classes for leveling in WOW Classic. For one thing, Mages not only can AoE farm, which no other Class can do, but also can create their own food and water as well as teleport themselves from city to city. For another thing, Hunters have a powerful ability Feign Death that can enable a Hunter to drop all threat whenever they like. In addition, they can breeze through nearly all the questing content with so many Utility Spells, Crowd Control, Pet for Threat and Burst Damage. Further, you can speed up many quests for having a pet to tank damage while questing.

Choose correct WOW Classic professions for leveling fast 

Professions play a critical role in Classic WOW, so it is important to pick the correct professions to help you level fast. For Mage Class, there are two professions suggested to choose including Tailoring and Engineering which can try to maximize the damage. As for Hunter, you'd better choose Skinning and Engineering, because Hunters are great at soloing difficult monsters that drop expensive skinning materials, and if you are trying to go the extra mile in PvE or PvP, Engineering is absolutely useful.    

How do you think of the best two leveling class? Anyway, cheap WOW Classic gold will be your belonging if you need.

The WOWClassicGP Team