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Burning Crusade Classic Professions Guide with Ranks & Bonuses

Time: 03/11/21

As for Burning Crusade Classic professions, today we want to share the information of the ranks and bonuses. The TBC Classic professions' ranks are from 300 to 375. And the bonuses for professions can be offered by four races and some items. 

Ranks of Burning Crusade Classic professions 

There are totally 10 professions in Burning Crusade Classic. The ranks for these TBC Classic professions are 300-375 (Master). And you can only reach level 50 to learn Master rank of Burning Crusade Classic professions. When you learned Master level, you will not have to come back to restart the ability to skill up. 
However, you need to know that if you change to another profession, the ranks will be lost and you have to start again at level 1. In addition, The TBC Classic professions have no extra internal ranks. 

Bonuses of Burning Crusade Classic professions 

Only four races will provide profession bonuses in Burning Crusade Classic. The four bonuses with specific races are showed below: 
1. Arcane Affinity: offered by Blood Elf racial to increase Enchanting skill by 10.  
2. Cultivation: offered by Tauren racial to increase Herbalism skill by 15.  
3. Engineering Specialization: offered by Gnome racial to increase Engineering skill by 15.  
4. Gemcutting: offered by Draenei racial to increase Jewelcrafting skill by 5. 
What's more, some items will also provide buffs to some Burning Crusade Classic professions, such as: 
1. Mining: Formula: Enchant Gloves-Advanced Mining; Goblin Mining Helmet.
2. Skinning: Zulian Slicer, Finkle's Skinner, Formula: Enchant Gloves-Skinning. 

If you want to learn more about Burning Crusade Classic professions, please click here to learn the profession types as well as the professions matched well with each type. 

All in all, the ranks and bonuses of Burning Crusade Classic professions are introduced above. Besides, you can continue to buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team