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Burning Crusade Timewalking WOW Live for One Week for TBC Classic

Time: 02/23/21

To celebrate Burning Crusade Classic, Blizzard decides to make Burning Crusade Timewalking WOW available on tomorrow morning for one week. You can be able to complete Black Temple raid, dungeons and others for various rewards.  

Burning Crusade Timewalking WOW available for one week 

According to the Blizzard Blue Post, it has been confirmed that Burning Crusade Timewalking will come back on Feb. 24, lasting for one week. Black Temple raid, dungeons and weekly bonus event will be able to reopen again. You can continue to complete these for Arsenal: The Warglaives of Azzinoth transmog, Reins of the Eclipse Dragonhawk, Mark of the Ashtongue, Fractured Necrolyte Skull, Ever-Shifting Mirror, Verdant Throwing Sphere, and more loots. 

Raid, dungeon & more in Burning Crusade Timewalking WOW 

Once Burning Crusade Timewalking is live, you can start to complete these contents: 
1. Black Temple raid
This time, the raid difficulty is Normal, which is not available through Raid Finder. To complete it, you should make your guild or group together, or go to Group Finder > Premade Groups. The members in your group is limited to 10-30 players, and your level and gear will also be changed to adjust to the raid. 
2. Dungeons 
Once you hit "Find Group", you will be sent to one of the Heroic dungeons with players matched: 
The Arcatraz 
The Black Morass 
Magister's Terrace 
Shattered Halls 
The Slave Pens 
3. Quest 
The quest will be given by Caretaker Kah'Toll in Oribos. You need to complete 5 Timewalking dungeons to finish the quest. Once completed, you will get the access to Normal difficulty Castle Nathria. 
4. Weekly bonus event 

Look forward to Burning Crusade Timewalking WOW tomorrow. And if you need WOW gold, please come to our site to place your orders. 

The WOWClassicGP Team