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Choose & Update WOW Shadowlands Pre-Patch Addons to Work Properly

Time: 10/15/20

Remember to update your WOW Shadowlands Pre-Patch addons to make them work smoothly. The steps to update them have been introduced below. On top of this, you can also see all the details of addons in order to choose the best one. 

List of WOW Shadowlands Pre-Patch addons    

Here is a list showing several great addons for Shadowlands Pre-Patch currently. And you can choose the best and proper one to use: 
1. ArkInventory: allowing you to apply to custom sort inventory to your liking.
2. Azeroth Auto Pilot: available for those who want to move through leveling content fast. 
3. Bagnon: showing your bags, bank, vault and guild bank as a single bag. 
4. Bartender4: an action bar mod supporting up to 10 action bars.
5. ElvUI: one of the most universally loved UI replacements on WOW. 
6. Deadly Boss Mods: necessary for dungeoneers, raiders, special events and the Brawler's Guild.
7. Weak Auras 2: allowing customizable graphics for indicating buffs, debuffs, and other relevant information.
All the great addons can be noticed here.  

How to update WOW Shadowlands Pre-Patch addons? 

Shadowlands Pre-Patch goes live with many new changes. First we think you should update your addons to work properly and smoothly. Here are the steps about how to revamp your addons: 
1. Launch your favorite Addon Manager. 
2. Choose your retail WOW installation. 
3. Click Refresh to fetch all new updates. 
4. Click Update All to revamp all your addons.  
5. Wait until all updates are completed.  
6. Launch WOW or do /reload if you're in-game already. 

Hope this guide can help you a lot with WOW Shadowlands Pre-Patch addons. Additionally, WOWClassicGP also offers cheap WOW gold for all of you. 

The WOWClassicGP Team