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Choose Best WOW Covenant for Tanks, Healers, DPS in Shadowlands

Time: 11/07/20

Which WOW Covenant will you choose for all specs? Which one is the best for Tanks, Healers and DPS? The following guide will help you make a decision in both raid and Mythic+ in Shadowlands.  

Best WOW Covenant for Tanks in raid & Mythic+  

If you play as a Tank in Shadowlands, you can choose the Covenant we recommend below:

Covenant Raid Mythic+
Blood Death Knight Kyrian Venthyr
Vengeance Demon Hunter Kyrian Kyrian
Guardian Druid Kyrian; Necrolord Kyrian; Necrolord; Venthyr
Brewmaster Monk Kyrian Necrolord
Protection Paladin  Venthyr Kyrian
Protection Warrior Kyrian Kyrian

Best WOW Covenant for Healers in raid & Mythic+

If you are a Healer in Shadowlands, the best Covenant you can choose in raid and Mythic+ is listed here:

Covenant Raid Mythic+
Restoration Druid Night Fae Night Fae
Mistweaver Monk Necrolord Necrolord
Holy Paladin Kyrian Kyrian
Discipline Priest  Venthyr Kyrian
Holy Priest Kyrian Kyrian
Restoration Shaman Necrolord Kyrian

Best WOW Covenant for DPS in Mythic+ 

Covenant Single Target Mythic+
Frost Death Knight Kyrian Venthyr; Night Fae
Unholy Death Knight Kyrian Venthyr
Havoc Demon Hunter Venthyr Kyrian
Balance Druid Necrolord Venthyr
Feral Druid Kyrian Kyrian
Beast Mastery Hunter Kyrian Kyrian
Marksmanship Hunter Kyrian Kyrian
Survival Hunter Kyrian Kyrian
Arcane Mage Night Fae Night Fae
Fire Mage Necrolord Night Fae
Frost Mage Venthyr Venthyr
Windwalker Monk Kyrian Kyrian
Retribution Paladin Venthyr Kyrian
Shadow Priest Kyrian; Venthyr Kyrian; Necrolord
Assassination Rogue Kyrian Kyrian
Outlaw Rogue Kyrian Kyrian
Subtlety Rogue Kyrian Kyrian
Elemental Shaman Venthyr Venthyr
Enhancement Shaman Night Fae Venthyr
Affliction Warlock Kyrian Kyrian
Demonology Warlock Necrolord Night Fae; Venthyr
Destruction Warlock Kyrian Kyrian
Arms Warrior Venthyr Venthyr
Fury Warrior Venthyr Venthyr

Hope this guide can help you a lot with selecting WOW Covenant. Anyway, please buy cheap WOW gold from us at all times. 

The WOWClassicGP Team