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Classic WOW Dire Maul East Guide: Various Loot & Boss Strategies

Time: 10/15/19

WOW Classic Dire Maul is a five-man dungeon opened today with three wings including east, west and north. It locates within the forests of Feralas deeply. Following the early introduction to this new dungeon, today we will provide you with a simple Dire Maul east guide on notable loot and boss strategies.   

A loot list for WOW Classic Dire Maul east dungeon 

With Dire Maul dungeon released, we plan to provide a series of Dire Maul guide for you. Starting from east wing, let's have a look at many notable drops firstly, like:
- You can get Whipvine Cord from Alzzin the Wildshaper, which is the Best in Slot cloth armor good for Healing Shaman.
- Clever Hat is obtainable from Zevrim Thornhoof. It's a Best in Slot leather armor good for Healing Shaman. 
- You can get the Best in Slot plate armor Helm of Awareness from Zevrim Thornhoof, which is good for Paladin Tanks.
- The Satyr's Bow weapon can be gained from Zevrim Thornhoof. It's great for Rogues, Warrior Tanks and DPS Warriors.
- The Tempest Talisman accessory good for Mages can be obtained from Hydrospawn.
- There is also the best intellect food, Runn Tum Tuber Surprise dropped from Pusillin. 

Boss strategies for Dire Maul east dungeon 

In the Classic Dire Maul east dungeon, there are totally five bosses to defeat, including:
1. Pusillin
He is an elite imp mini-boss with level 56-57. There are four abilities for him like Blast Wave, Fire Blast, Fireball and Spirit of Runn Tum. During your fight with him, he will summon four Wildspawn Imp to help him, which can be defeated by grabbing aggro on Pusillin by tanks. And he can also cast various Fire spells that can be prevented by Kick, Counterspell and other interrupts. Please be careful of his Spirit of Runn Tum ability that can increase his size, 20% melee and 50% chance to reflect spells. After defeating him, you can get Runn Tum Tuber Surprise, Book of Incantations and Crescent Key. 
2. Lethtendris
She is a blood elf Warlock with Void Bolt, Shadow Bolt Volley, Immolate, Curse of Tongues, Curse of Thorns and Enlarge abilities. The Void Bolt ability you need to interrupt can last 4 seconds. Owing to her a couple of curses, you need to have a Mage or Druid decurse the group if you have. In addition, her imp Pimgib also can cast fires spells, whose hp is about 1/3 Lethtendris. So you should pay attention to her imp first and then turn to Lethtendris. And you will get Felhide Cap and Lethtendris's Wand etc when you defeat her.
3. Hydrospawn
He is a water elemental boss with Riptide, Submersion, Massive Geyser, Summon Hydroling and Hydrojet abilities. You can access to him by burning him down and ignoring the Hydroling spawned by him, or you can AoE down the Hydroling and then turn to Hydrospawn. The damage dealt by Hydroling is more than Hydrospawn, so you should focus on your healers and possibly interrupt spells if you want to burn him down. The drops like Ace of Elementals and Breakwater Legguards and so on will be available. 
4. Zevrim Thornhoof
He is a satyr boss with abilities like Intense Pain and Sacrifice. He can teleport a party member to his ritual alter periodically and cast Sacrifice. Big Heals will be needed if a healer is targeted. And his Intense spell can be dispelled. If there is a Warlock in your group, you can attack him by enslaving a Wildspawn Hellcaller or Wildspawn Shadowstalker. 
5. Alzzin the Wildshaper      
This demon boss can shape-shift into Satyr, Bear and Dire Wolf forms with various corresponding abilities. In his initial Satyr form, be sure to cleanse the poison Enervate and the disease spell Wither at once and both of them can be interrupted. In his Bear form, you can use Sunder Armor and Expose Armor to pass through for his increased armor. And in the Dire Wolf form, if he is at 35% health, the wall behind him will collapse, and a group without elite adds will come running out. In this case, they are easy to AoE down and defeat Alzzin the Wildshaper. 

Hope this simple guide can help you a lot in WOW Classic Dire Maul east dungeon. Besides, you can buy cheap WOW Classic gold safely from us.

The WOWClassicGP Team