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Classic WOW Free Character Transfer Guide for US Realms & EU Realms

Time: 09/05/19

Are you queuing up for a long time? Do you want to play with your friends together? Classic Free Character transfer service for US realms will be opened today, which can grant your wishes. Also, you will be able to transfer your characters in EU realms later and we strongly encourage you to do so instantly since the service will be closed anytime if the destination realm is full. What's important is that you will not lose your character's progress after completing the moves.       

First wave of Free Character Moves for Classic US realms available 

From the latest post, we have known that Classic Earthfury realm will be opened at 4:00 p.m. PDT today, which means that you can transfer your characters from Herod and Skeram to this new realm. And we suggest that you'd better transfer your characters as soon as possible once the new realm is available. 

Details of WOW Classic Free Character Transfers for EU realms

With the transfer being available in US realms, characters in EU realms also will be moved among realms as soon. Before that, you need to master which realms your characters can move in:  
1. English server
- From Shazzrah & Golemagg to new realm Dragonfang
- From Firemaw & Gehennas to new realm Earthshaker
- From Mograine to Judgement 
- From Razorgore to Bloodfang
2. French server
- From Sulfuron to Amnennar 
- From Sulfuron to Finkle
3. German server
- From Lucifron to Transcendence
4. Russian server
- From Flamegor/Пламегор to Doomsayer/Вестник рока
Please note apart from restrictions on characters mentioned in last news at our site, you may be also required to change your character's name once you've reached the destination realm. This move service may be closed at any time without warning if a destination realm becomes full. Thus, you should complete the move as soon.

Don't forget to transfer your characters in US realms today. Besides, if you want more cheap WOW Classic gold and other related products, please choose WOWClassicGP.com to place your order safely.

The WOWClassicGP Team