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Complete Hotfixed WOW Unearthed Artifacts Quest Before Final Time

Time: 01/18/20

The bug of WOW Unearthed Artifacts quest has been fixed finally. Now you can start completing it normally. Owing to the closure of Amathet assault at 7:00 p.m. Pacific, you need to do this quest as soon. 

WOW Unearthed Artifacts quest fixed on NA & EU servers 

It has been confirmed that the bug of daily Unearthed Artifacts quest has been hotfixed. Most of you reflects that you can't be able to obtain any of the required item after doing this for several hours, because they are not appearing. This bug appears on both NA and EU servers. But currently you can be able to complete the daily quest normally on the two servers after the hotfix. 
In addition, the Amathet assault will finish for NA servers at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific) and the next Aqir assault will start. Therefore, come to complete the dailies and events right now before it comes to an end.  

How to complete WOW Unearthed Artifacts quest? 

Unearthed Artifacts is a daily quest for Amathet assault in Uldum. You must reach level 120 to complete it. And to complete the quest, you must collect eight Titan Artifacts in Uldum. Titan Artifact with the max stack of 20 is the item that Amathet is eager to want. You can find the Titan Artifacts from the following coordinates offered:
- /way 62,99, 28,83 
- /way 63,08, 31,87 
- /way 63,10, 32,09
- /way 64,22, 33,75 
- /way 65,81, 34,61 
- /way 67,15, 31,51 
- /way 66,01, 28,87  

Do WOW Unearthed Artifacts quest right now within the last validity time after it is hotfixed. By the way, if you want more cheap WOW gold, please come to WOWClassicGP to purchase. 

The WOWClassicGP Team