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Create Classic Characters on Aug 12 & Buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold

Time: 07/02/19

In less two months, you will be able to enjoy WOW Classic. But when can you create characters in game and how many can you make? Today we will introduce some details about WOW Classic character creations. And we promise there will be Classic WOW gold for sale as soon as the game launches. 

Make characters in game from Aug 12

According to time zones, all of you with active World of Warcraft subscription can begin to create characters (up to 3) from August 12 or 13th and reserve your names, then you can directly access WOW Classic as soon as it is released. And there is no additional purchase charged. 
In addition, per Classic realm there are 10 characters with 50 characters through all realms in your region. And it won’t be affected by the amount of BFA characters you have. What is more, on the same PvE realm, you are allowed to create characters of different factions, while you are not allowed on the same PvP realm. 

What if you haven’t the active WOW subscription?

You can make a new Blizzard account if you are a fresh adventurer. Or you can recover your account via contacting with Blizzard if you return from a long break but forget your account name/password, or never convert your initial WOW account to a Blizzard account. Then please make an subscription to WOW. Thirdly, you need download the Blizzard Battle.net Desktop App, click the WOW tab, select “WOW Classic”and click the install button to install the game. Finally you can create a new character and start your journey at level 1 on August 27. 

Furthermore, never forget to buy cheap Classic WOW gold from us as long as you need. 

The WOWClassicGP Team