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Defeat WOW Classic Taerar World Boss for Nightmare Blade & More

Time: 05/01/20

WOW Classic Taerar is one of the Dragons of Nightmare. To assist you to defeat him effectively, a simple guide is offered by us that can help you learn the specific abilities of Taerar. Read on for the more details. 

Notes during the fight with WOW Classic Taerar

There are three main abilities that Taerar can use to attack his targets. During the fight, you need to watch out for his main abilities, including:
1. Arcane Blast: An ability can blast an enemy with Arcane magic. Blast of Arcane damage is for 1000-1350, knocking the enemy back.
2. Bellowing Roar: An ability can make everyone within 30 yards flee fear for 4 seconds every 30 seconds.
3. Summon Shade of Taerar: Taerar will use this ability at 75%, 50% and 25% health, banishing himself and summoning three Shades. Tanks should pick up a shade when the raid DPSes them down. And every shade has a weaker breath attack as well as a poisonous cloud around their feet.

Loots dropped from WOW Classic Taerar

As one of the Dragons of Nightmare, apart from the shared loots among the four dragons, Taerar can also drop some his specific loots, such as:
Boots of Fright  
Mendicant's Slippers  
Mindtear Band  
Nightmare Blade  
Unnatural Leather Spaulders

Please keep your eyes peel at our guide to help you kill Taerar quickly. In the meanwhile, if you want to buy cheap WOW Classic gold and other products, please choose WOWClassicGP website to place your order.

The WOWClassicGP Team