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Defeat WOW Valinor World Boss for Legendary Memories & More Loots

Time: 02/11/21

WOW Valinor is a Shadowlands world boss located in Bastion. Defeating it can award you legendary memories, Conduits and others. 

WOW Valinor world boss located in Bastion 

As the Shadowlands Bastion world boss, Valinor, the Light of Eons spawns by the Temple of Loyalty with the closest flight path being the Terrace of the Collectors. During the fight, Valinor will use its Anima Charge ability that can deal damage in an area, which you need to avoid. Charged Anima Blast can affect up to 40 targets and deal 25% increased damage per jump. Besides, you also need to watch out for the Unleashed Anima ability that can blast the area with Anima Charges every 0.5 sec. 

WOW Valinor drops: legendary memories & more 

When you kill Valinor, you will be able to receive these drops: 
1. Legendary memories
- Memory of the Final Verdict (Retribution Paladin)  
- Memory of Archbishop Benedictus (Holy Priest)  
- Memory of the Windspeaker's Lava Resurgence (Elemental Shaman)
2. ilvl200 Conduits
3. Armor
- Doubtweaver's Handwraps: cloth gloves  
- Anima-Charged Wristbanding: leather wrists  
- Servo-Chain Waistguard: mail waist  
- Oversized Centurion Helm: plate helm  
- Valinor's Ground Pounders: plate boots  
- Shroud of the Penitent: cloak

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The WOWClassicGP Team