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Detail 5 Playable WOW Classic Priest Races - Humans, Undead & More

Time: 07/16/19

In WOW Classic, there are 5 playable Priest races for you to choose, including 3 Alliance (Humans, Dwarves, and Night Elves) and 2 Horde (Undead or Troll). Here provides some information to help you create your character better. 

3 playable Priest races for Alliance

Each race has two innate racial abilities, which can play an important role in the character creation. There are more beneficial abilities for some races in PvE encounters while for others suited to PvP environments better. 
When creating a Priest, the 3 available races for Alliance players to choose are Humans, Dwarves, and Night Elves. And Alliance Priests collaborate with Paladins well, which provide useful buffs such as the Blessing of Kings. Meanwhile the Paladins can: 
offset the Priest's natural weakness to physical abilities with Devotion Aura; 
prop up their fire resistance with Fire Resistance Aura;
stop an enemy interrupting the Priest's spells with Concentration Aura.

2 race Priest options for Horde

For Horde players, they only have 2 playable Priest races to choose, either Undead or Troll. And they cannot offer healing racial abilities directly, which is quite unlike some Alliance races. But, there is a Berserking ability for Trolls, allowing faster casting (with a twist), while Undead Priests can offer better racial abilities if players want to go Shadow and fill a DPS role with spells like Devouring Plague, instead of healing.

Which kind of races will you choose? Learn more information here and make a good plan when the WOW Classic launches in the new future. And at the same time you can buy Classic WOW gold cheap from us then. It’s promised the gold here is very cheap and safe to obtain. 

The WOWClassicGP Team