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Enjoy WOW Classic Darkmoon Faire in Elwynn Forest Through Mar 15

Time: 03/10/20

WOW Classic Darkmoon Faire in March occurs in Elwynn Forest. Here we share a guide about how to reach Elwynn Forest as Horde. And we also simply share some rewards for Darkmoon Faire with you.  

How to access to WOW Classic Darkmoon Faire in Elwynn Forest? 

Darkmoon Faire in March has begun in Elwynn Forest in WOW Classic and will end on Mar. 15. To enter into Elwynn Forest Darkmoon Faire site as Horde, we provide a route for you to access easily:
- Head to the zeppelin platform in either Ogrimmar or Undercity and take the zeppelin to Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale. 
- Pick up the flight point if you don't have it. Walk along the road northeast out of the camp and turn left at the T intersection. Go north along this road until you enter into Duskwood. 
- Continue to head north and focus on a small Alliance guard encampment on the right side of the road that is near the junction of the east-west road. While finding it, swing west to avoid this camp. Please don't turn onto the road, but head overland north between the Twilight Grove and Raven Hill Cemetery. 
- Go north in this corridor until you meet the river and then cross the river into Elwynn Forest. 
- Go north and keep Maclure Vineyards to your right. The Darkmoon Faire in south of Goldshire will be seen soon. 

Rewards from WOW Classic Darkmoon Faire

While joining in Darkmoon Faire, you can be able to get various rewards, such as Darkmoon Faire tickets, Darkmoon Faire reputation, Darkmoon Trinkets, buffs and fortunes including Sayge's Dark Fortune of Agility/Intelligence/Strength and more. What is more, you can also acquire companion pets in the Darkmoon Faire, such as Wood frog and Tree frog.  

Have fun in WOW Classic Darkmoon Faire in March. In addition, you can buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us to enjoy Darkmoon Faire better. 

The WOWClassicGP Team