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Home > WOWClassicGP News > Enjoy WOW Free T Shirt Day Micro-Holiday on Aug 16
Enjoy WOW Free T Shirt Day Micro-Holiday on Aug 16

Time: 08/16/19

Are you excited with this news that the newest micro-holiday WOW free T shirt day has started? During the holiday, you will be capable to get lots of free T-shirts through some vendors and you can also get them from entertainers in Azeroth. Here you can see where you are able to get T-shirts.

Get WOW free T-shirts from vendors on the holiday

There are seven vendors totally selling free T-shirts in several locations and each of them are also marked by a star on the minimap. From them, you can get seven kinds of T-shirts such as Shirtsi's Cloth Shirt, Selis' Silk Shirt, Shuurt's Precious, Gild's Crewneck and so on. 

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Get WOW T-shirts from entertainers

With this holiday starting, some rumors are spread throughout Azeroth that entertainers launches free secondhand shirts in the capital cities which can be looted and worn by players. There are two entertainers located in the Dwarven District and the Valley of Honor separately. You can find these entertainers marked by stars on the map are throwing shirts on the ground. 

Have a nice time on WOW free T-shirt day! By the way, you can come to us to buy cheap WOW Classic gold quickly and safely. 

The WOWClassicGP Team