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Explore WOW Shadowlands Maldraxxus Zone with Storyline & Inhabitants

Time: 06/12/20

Blizzard has revealed WOW Shadowlands Maldraxxus zone in Blue Post. Here you can be able to learn the storyline and inhabitants of Maldraxxus. 

Storyline of WOW Shadowlands Maldraxxus zone 

Maldraxxus zone is ruled by Necrolord Covenant in Shadowlands and is in the birthplace of necromantic magic who control the powers of death that can turn legions of ambitious souls into relentless immortal armies. 
During the midst of fighting the Forsworn, the kyrian are attacked by the very forces that defend the infinite Shadowlands realms: the militant Maldraxxi. Therefore, the Archon of the Kyrian Covenant asks you to go to Maldraxxus in order to find out who orders the attack. 

Inhabitants in WOW Shadowlands Maldraxxus zone 

You will be able to encounter six types of inhabitants in Shadowlands Maldraxxus zone, including:
1. Abominations: Corpses of the slain are brought to the House of Constructs in which the finest pieces of flesh and bone are skillfully combined into a new form. After that, they will have a new purpose in a body that is greater than the sum of its once separate parts.

2. Gladiators: They consist of the most powerful warriors and champions within the ranks of the House of the Chosen. Gladiators tirelessly train with various rune-forged weapons and they are unmatched in martial combat.

3. Liches: They are scheming skeletal sorcerers using anima to fuel their potent magic, and they can practice their craft in the House of Rituals. 

4. Plague House Remnant: When the House of Plagues is destructed, some of the most wretched experiments become animated creatures mindlessly wandering the plains and crags of Maldraxxus.

Plague House Remnant
5. Soul-Rotted Flesh: The monolithic guardians are amalgamated by the countless fallen warriors, and they fight with outsiders invading Maldraxxus.

SoulRotted Flesh 
6. Aranakk: They used to be master assassins and scouts of the fallen House of Eyes, but now they are bannerless nomads.


In a word, keep your eyes peel at WOW Shadowlands Maldraxxus zone. Additionally, cheap WOW gold is always on sale at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team