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Extra Authenticator Bag Slots WOW Classic Added for Account Security

Time: 07/08/20

Four authenticator bag slots have been added to WOW Classic Patch 1.13.5, which are the rewards of attaching authenticator to your WOW Classic account.  

Add four authenticator bag slots WOW Classic in Patch 1.13.5 

To inspire and encourage players to protect their accounts, Blizzard adds four extra authenticator bag slots as the reward of any player with an authenticator. Players logging in WOW Classic Patch 1.13.5 will receive the additional bag slots as their rewards as long as they have an authenticator attached to their WOW Classic accounts. Otherwise, there is no bag slot for them and they also can be reminded to secure their account with an in-game "+" on their bag for this reward. 
One more thing, this will not be advertised in-game until you've reached level 20 to help preserve the new-player experience in WOW Classic. 

Why to attach authenticator to WOW Classic account? 

The Battle.Net Authenticator is a service by Blizzard aiming to increase the account security by adding a 2-Factor Authentication to your Battle.Net account. To use it, you need to buy a physical authenticator token or install the Android Authenticator App or iOS Authenticator App. Then you will receive backpack upgrades on both your Classic and Retail characters, as well as a brand new friend on your Retail characters. 
Please note that you need it to have access to your account for increasing protection if you add the Authenticator to your account. Thus, make sure to not lose the physical token or lose/factory reset your phone. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team