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Finish WOW Operation Mechagon's Hard Mode for Aerial Unit R-21/X

Time: 07/11/19

Since the WOW Operation: Mechagon has been released with the start of Season 3, today we will share some tips to complete its Hard Mode - Keep DPS-ing and Nobody Explodes. Then we can win the rewards Aerial Unit R-21/X mount & level 430 Azerite Helm.

Guide for Operation: Mechagon Hard Mode

In the beginning, you need to defeat the first 3 bosses to activate the Hard Mode. And you have to deal with the regular mechanics of the bosses while dealing with Walkie Shockie X1s. And a Druid with Entangling Roots and Mass Entanglement are recommended. 
After defeating 3 bosses, go to the HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit and activate the Hard Mode. Then you will see a Tank Buster MK2 rather than a MK1, which hits harder but shares similar mechanics to the MK1. you can walk through the Shock Link to only take 1 tick of damage fast but with even more limited space.
Finally, you need head to K.U.-J.0. as normal, the Hard Mode of which can be activated by clicking on Robo-Waste near where you walk in on the left side. 

What rewards can you get upon completion of the Hard Mode?

Each run, when completing the Operation: Mechagon's Hard Mode you can earn the achievement Keep DPS-ing and Nobody Explodes, and even the Hertz Locker and Rank 4 Vision of Perfection (if the entire run is completed with no death). Meanwhile, the item level 430 Azerite Helm and Aerial Unit R-21/X mount will be awarded to a certain member of the party. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team