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Full WOW Corruption Vendor Rotations Confirmed with Specific Schedule

Time: 06/17/20

With the second rotation of corruptions going on, we share the schedule of the full WOW corruption vendor rotations. Go ahead to prepare for choosing your corruptions.   

WOW corruption vendor rotations with schedule offered 

Blizzard has announced the full corruption vendor rotations through the latest Blue Post. You can visit the following list to get ready for choosing your corruption from MOTHER:
1. Rotation 1 (Jun. 16-Jun. 19) 
Ineffable Truth I; Honed Mind I; Strikethrough II; Masterful II; Twisted Appendage III; Expedient III.
2. Rotation 2 (from Jun. 19) 
Void Ritual I; Masterful I; Siphoner II; Deadly Momentum II; Ineffable Truth II; Versatile III; Avoidant II.
3. Rotation 3 (from Jun. 23) 
Infinite Stars I; Surging Vitality I; Glimpse of Clarity; Severe II; Siphoner III; Racing Pulse III; Avoidant III.
4. Rotation 4 (from Jun. 26) 
Siphoner I; Severe I; Twilight Devastation II; Expedient II; Strikethrough III; Honed Mind III.
5. Rotation 5 (from Jun. 30) 
Twisted Appendage I; Expedient I; Echoing Void II; Racing Pulse II; Infinite Stars III; Severe III.
6. Rotation 6 (from Jul. 3) 
Strikethrough I; Racing Pulse I; Void Ritual II; Surging Vitality II; Twilight Devastation III; Masterful III; Avoidant I.
7. Rotation 7 (from Jul. 7) 
Echoing Void I; Versatile I; Infinite Stars II; Honed Mind II; Void Ritual III; Deadly Momentum III; Gushing Wound.
8. Rotation 8 (from Jul. 10) 
Twilight Devastation I; Deadly Momentum I; Twisted Appendage II; Versatile II; Echoing Void III; Surging Vitality III.   

Get Echoes of Ny'alotha to buy WOW corruptions 

With the schedule of corruption vendor rotations coming out, you need to save more Echoes of Ny'alotha to buy your preferred corruptions. Currently, the drop rate of Echoes of Ny'alotha currency are increased, which makes you easier to get it. You can see the related post at our site to see how to gain the currency. 

The schedule of the full WOW corruption vendor rotations is offered for you. Come to get your corruptions now. Besides, cheap WOW gold is always for sale at our site.

The WOWClassicGP Team