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Get WOW Alabaster Mount for Game 15th Anniversary

Time: 08/07/19

From now on, you can obtain WOW Alabaster mount, Alabaster Stormtalon for Alliance or Alabastor Thunderwing for Horde from in-game shop which is part of celebrations for 15th Anniversary WOW, if you cannot wait to enjoy the mount until October. 

15th anniversary mount purchasable in game 

15th Anniversary mount

Previously the Alabaster mounts - Alabaster Stormtalon & Alabastor Thunderwing have been offered as a part of the 15th Anniversary Collectors Edition box, which includes an epic Ragnaros statue and a few other goodies as well. Right now those who are not interested in the physical goods but only keen on the mounts can go to the Blizzard Shop and in-game shop to buy them as a standalone bundle this month. Both of the mounts are the living stone tributes to the loyal flying creatures that have long served the Horde and Alliance.
On the other hand, if you purchase the mount this way and by March 31, 2019 attach a 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition to your World of Warcraft account, there will be a $25 credit on your Blizzard Balance.
However, please note that the mounts for the 15th Anniversary are not available for use in WOW Classic. 

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