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Get WOW Brewfest Chowdown Trophy & More from Brewfest Chowdown

Time: 09/25/20

Have you obtained WOW Brewfest Chowdown Trophy? If not, you can read the guide below to help you get the toy fast from Brewfest Chowdown minigame by the end of Brewfest 2020. Beyond of this, you can also obtain other rewards from it. 

How to complete WOW Brewfest Chowdown? 

There is the Brewfest Chowdown minigame during Brewfest 2020, which requires you to compete with three other players to eat sausages fast. 
First of all, you should speak to Britta Steinheart and Etga, and this game can begin when four players sign up. Then you are given three buttons to eat, drink and order more food. You need to note that eating can increase your bar, while drinking reduces your bar. Once you hit 100, you will choke for a few seconds, which slows you down. And after eating three times, you can request more food. To win the game, you must finish 10 plates first. If you abandon the competition, you have to wait 6 minutes before starting once more. 

Obtain WOW Brewfest Chowdown Trophy & more

Upon the completion of Brewfest Chowdown, you will be awarded with: 
- 1 Chowdown Champion Token
- 25 Brewfest Prize Token
What's more, if you get 5 Chowdown Champion Token, you can use them to exchange for the toy Brewfest Chowdown Trophy. 

All in all, WOW Brewfest Chowdown Trophy can be obtained with the guide above during Brewfest holiday. In the meanwhile, you can choose us to buy cheap WOW gold and other related products at best price. WOWClassicGP will be your first choice!

The WOWClassicGP Team