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Get WOW Flashfire Brew Item to Prepare for Patch 8.3 This Week

Time: 12/28/19

To prepare for the upcoming patch 8.3, this week you can be able to get WOW Flashfire Brew item with the maximum amount of 3 that is only available from Island Expeditions. With this item you can be able to receive amazing buffs. More details can be learned below. 

WOW Flashfire Brew available on Island Expeditions this week 

The release of patch 8.3 is approaching faster. To get ready for Visions of N'Zoth, you can start to buy Flashfire Brew item this week. It requires at least level 110 and only can be used on Island Expeditions. 
If you equip with Flashfire Brew item, it will help you increase Critical Strike damage and heal by 200% for 5 minutes. And the speed at which you can finish an Island Expedition can also be increased greatly. If you plan on "grinding" Island Expeditions next patch in order to unlock the 3rd MInor Essence slot at level 75 quickly, you can pick up Flashfire Brew item to make the grind faster.  
Please focus on that this item will not appear again for some time, so seize this opportunity to obtain and stock up it for you. 

How to get & stock up WOW Flashfire Brew? 

You can get one Flashfire Brew item by spending 3 Seafarer's Dubloon this week. As for Alliance players, Flashfire Brew can be obtained from Brewer Ahna vendor who can be found in The Rotting Mire, The Dread Chain, Jorundall(7), Havenswood(5), Un'gol Ruins(5) and Skittering Hollow; as for Horde players, you can get this item from Brewer Goshi residing in The Rotting Mire, Jorundall(10), The Dread Chain, Havenswood(5) and Un'gol Ruins(4). 
The Flashfire Brew has the maximum stack of 3. You can only hold 3 in your inventory at a time. However, if you bring a Mailbox or use Katy's Stampwhistle into the Island Expedition, you can stock up by sending them to your alts.  

Please come to gain Flashfire Brew this week on time. Further, you can also buy cheap WOW gold with best service from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team