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Get WOW Sundancer Mount with Skystrider Glider in Shadowlands

Time: 01/08/21

WOW Sundancer mount is now available to obtain in Shadowlands. Please focus that you have to gather Skystrider Glider and Sunrider's Blessing buff before you begin to claim the mount. 

WOW Sundancer mount available in Shadowlands 

Sundancer is a flying mount available in Shadowlands Bastion. It drops from the Sundancer who is a rare mob flying at the southern tip of Bastion, near the Aspirant's Crucible. This week you can be able to defeat Sundancer rare to have a chance to obtain the same creature as a mount. 


How to get WOW Sundancer mount? 

To claim Sundancer mount, you have to collect a Skystrider Glider and the Sunrider's Blessing buff. Below are the steps to obtain Sundancer mount: 
1. Head to /way 60.04, 93.97 and click Ancient Memorial to obtain Sunrider's Blessing.
2. Head to /way 61.37, 82.67 and wait for Sundancer rare.
3. Jump down and use Skystrider Glider to interact with Sundancer. 
4. Ride Sundancer rapidly and press Soothe button. 
5. When Sundancer calms down, it will bring you to Ancient Memorial.
6. Talk with Sundancer and fight against Sundancer. 
7. You will win while Sundancer's hp is at 10%. And you will have a chance to get Sundancer mount. 

How to get WOW Skystrider Glider? 

Skystrider Glider is necessary for claiming Sundancer. Before starting to claim this mount, Kyrian players need to craft Skystrider Glider by using Patch of Ascension's Ascension Crafting. The detailed steps are listed here:  
1. Level Path of Ascension Building to Rank 3.
2. Progress in the Path of Ascension until Kalisthene Trial of Wisdom is unlocked.
3. Kill Kalisthene to claim Blueprint: Skystrider Glider.
4. Create Skystrider Glider by using Ascension Craft with these items: 
  - 6 Elysian Feathers
  - 4 Champion's Pelt
  - 2 Nightforged Steel
  - 4 Calloused Bone
If you are not Kyrian players, you can buy Skystrider Glider from the Auction House. 

Hope this guide can help you get WOW Sundancer mount easily. Besides, cheap WOW gold is for sale at our site all the time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team