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Gold Farming Professions for WOW Classic Scarlet Monastery Dungeon

Time: 09/16/19

Have you been upset for gold making in WOW Classic Scarlet Monastery Dungeon? It doesn't matter. We are writing to offer you the best gold farming professions to make gold making easier. What's more, you can also learn the details of what rewards you can get in Scarlet Monastery.      

Best professions for gold farming WOW Classic Scarlet Monastery Dungeon

While farming Scarlet Monastery Dungeon to make more gold, there are some best professions suggested to choose:
1. Tailoring: There is a ton of cloth valuable for Tailoring and First Aid in Scarlet Monastery. You can use yourself or sell on the Auction House.
2. Herbalism/Alchemy: You will find some herbs in Scarlet Monastery, including Grave Moss?and Kingsblood in Graveyard, Liferoot in Library and Cathedral, Fadeleaf in Armory and Library, Goldthorn?in Cathedral. Also, you may find them inside chests. 
3. Enchanting: It's valuable when an enchanter is able to disenchant drops in Scarlet Monastery and any other dungeon for that matter. 
4. Blacksmithing: It's useful that if you are looking to farm Scarlet Monastery with your crafted Golden Skeleton Key and Truesilver Skeleton Key but not a Rogue with Lockpicking, you'll be able to open locked chests. 

What rewards can you get from Classic Scarlet Monastery Dungeon?

During WOW Classic leveling, Scarlet Monastery Dungeon is a popular choice for most of you because of the following notable rewards you can get:
1. There are many items in Scarlet Monastery graveyard, which are appealing for level 29 twinks, such as Cobalt Crusher and Torturing Poker.  
2. There is a useful quest reward Sword of Omen for leveling Rogues.  
3. Bonebiter is a useful quest reward for leveling Alliance Warriors and Paladins. 
4. The Chain of the Scarlet Crusade set is highly valued for its stats and appearance, and there are additional items with a Scarlet Crusade appearance, including Aegis of the Scarlet Commander,  Herod's Shoulder and Whitemane's Chapeau.  
5. There is one of the most iconic procs in Ravager in the game. 
6. Scarlet Monastery is part of a long quest chain for Mages to get Icefury Wand.

Please come to learn these tips to farm Classic Scarlet Monastery for more gold. In addition, you can also buy cheap WOW Classic powerleveling from us to level up fast.

The WOWClassicGP Team