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Guide for Winning in WOW Classic Arathi Basin Battleground

Time: 03/07/20

With WOW Classic Arathi Basin approaching closer, we plan to share some useful strategies to help you receive 1,600 resources quickly to win. Read the details below to learn the helpful tips for you. 

Strategies to win in WOW Classic Arathi Basin 

As long as your faction collects 1,600 resources by capturing and holding Resource Nodes, the winner belongs to you. Here are four major strategies you can accept to win in Arathi Basin: 
1. The Zerg: Their attack is an overwhelming force and best zergs can trap the enemy in their base. But the weakness of them is defense. Thus, your team can get around this by back-capping undefended nodes and avoid the zerg party.
2. Divide your team into three groups of 5 and control Lumber Mill, Blacksmith and Gold Mine respectively, with one player capping Farm or Stables along the way. But the three groups must coordinate and communicate well, holding 4 nodes and wining easily. 
3. Hold 3 nodes while dividing into 3 groups, involving Farm or Stables, Blacksmith, and either Lumber Mill or Gold Mine. Remember to hold Blacksmith in case of limiting mobility among the defended nodes and not to recapture the lost node.
4. Divide your team into two groups of 7 and one solo player, with one group holding Blacksmith and the other holding Lumber Mill or Gold Mine. After completing that, choose 5 of each group to defend Blacksmith and Lumber Mill/Gold Mine. Then choose 2 players to help defend Farm/Stables and the last 2 players can float between the Lumber Mill/Gold Mine and Blacksmith to provide support when needed.

More tips to win in Arathi Basin WOW Classic 

You can also use the following tips and notes while playing Arathi Basin to increase the chance of being a winner:
1. Communicate before starting playing to discuss overall strategy and continue to contact with each other while playing. 
2. Play in group 
3. Remember to defend nodes, with 3 defenders for the Contested or Captured nodes all the time. 
4. Check the locations of your raid members frequently and get to areas needing support actively.
5. Fight near flags in case that one of the enemies assaults the flag secretly. 
Want more tips? Please click here to see the further strategies.

Keep your eyes peel at us to prepare for Arathi Basin. And you can also buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us anytime. 

The WOWClassicGP Team