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Guide for WOW Classic High Priest Thekal Boss with Tips & Loots

Time: 05/05/20

Don't know how to defeat WOW Classic High Priest Thekal? It doesn't matter. Here we offer some useful tips that you can use to kill Thekal in 2 phases.   

Tips to defeat WOW Classic High Priest Thekal

Defeating High Priest Thekal must be completed in 2 phases. You can view the tips for the 2 phases to kill Thekal effectively.
1. Phase 1
- Mortal Cleave: An ability can reduce the healing taken, so the most geared tank should tank Thekal.
- Silence: Another ability of Thekal can hit a random target, which must be dispelled instantly, especially it targets a healer.
- Zealot Lor'Khan: One of the Thekal's add can cast Great Heal, Lightning Shield, Disarm and  Bloodlust. Because Great Heal can heal any of the adds, you must interrupt this all the time. Besides, tanks must focus on the Disarm since it will stop the interrupts.
- Zealot Zath: A Rogue add uses Sweeping Strikes, Gouge, Blind and Kick abilities.
- Must kill Thekal, Lor'khan and Zath simultaneously because they will heal each other. To complete this, please DPS one add down to 20%, the second add down to 15%, the third add down to 10%, and then all three adds are grouped up to be AOE'd down.
2. Phase 2
- Force Punch: To do with this ability, tank Thekal's inside the alcove behind his pull position. Bring Thekal and tank the boss in one corner, with ranged and heals standing on the other side right beside a wall to minimize the downtime from the knockback. Besides, when a Force Punch happens, a second tank must be ready to taunt Thekal and bring him back to his corner.
- Zulian Tiger: Quickly DPS down. The tanks not tanking Thekal can taunt the tigers to prevent additional damage on the raid.

WOW Classic High Priest Thekal loots

Thekal will drop Primal Hakkari armor tokens and some exclusive drops, like:
Betrayer's Boots
Swift Zulian Tiger
Thekal's Grasp
Peacekeeper Leggings
Ritualistic Legguards 
Seafury Leggings 
Seal of Jin 
Zulian Slicer

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The WOWClassicGP Team