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Guide for WOW Classic Libram of Rapidity with Items & Rewards

Time: 10/16/19

WOW Classic Libram of Rapidity is one of the quests in new Dire Maul dungeon, requiring level 54. With Classic Dire Maul dungeon released, we plan to offer this guide about quest items that you need throughout this quest. And upon completion of the quest, you will also receive some rewards like Arcanum of Rapidity and more.       

Items needed for Classic Libram of Rapidity quest

When you start to complete the Libram of Rapidity quest, you should require the following useful items:
- 1 Libram of Rapidity
- 1 Pristine Black Diamond
- 2 Large Brilliant Shards
- 2 Blood of Heroes
The Libram of Rapidity drops off trash mobs and bosses in Dire Maul instance. Pristine Black Diamond can be found in any of the high level instances, and Large Brilliant Shards are always disenchanted from high level rare items. Besides, you can find Blood of Heroes on the ground throughout Western Plaguelands and Eastern Plaguelands.

Get Arcanum of Rapidity & more rewards from Libram of Rapidity

Once you complete this quest in Dire Maul, you will be able to get 1,650 experience and 200 reputation with Shen'dralar. What's more, you will be able to obtain an Arcanum of Rapidity by turning in four types of items above to Lorekeeper Lydros.
Arcanum of Rapidity is a consumable item with level 50, which can be bound when picked up. If you equip with this item, it will add 1% haste to a leg or head slot item permanently. Please note that it can't stack with other enchantments for the selected equipment slot. 

Please keep an eye at this guide to help you learn more about WOW Classic Libram of Rapidity quest. Also, WOWClassicGP.com will continue to provide cheap WOW Classic gold with fast delivery.

The WOWClassicGP Team