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Home > WOWClassicGP News > Guide: How to Collect WOW Classic Alliance War Effort Supplies?
Guide: How to Collect WOW Classic Alliance War Effort Supplies?

Time: 07/04/20

Farming War Effort supplies is required to open the Gates of Ahn'qiraj in order to open Ahn'qiraj instances. Today we will share a guide to Alliance War Effort supplies so that Alliance can collect resources easily to open the gate.   

Locations of quest NPCs for WOW Classic Alliance War Effort supplies 

Alliance have to collect lots of War effort supplies and contribute them to quest NPCs to open the Gates of Ahn'qiraj. The quest givers for Alliance can be found in the Military Ward of Ironforge:  
1. Slicky Gastronome (rainbow fin albacore collector) at 71.6, 69.2.
2. Sarah Sadwhistle (roast raptor collector) at 72.1, 69.6. 
3. Huntress Swiftriver (spotted yellowtail collector) at 73.0, 68.5.
4. Sentinel Silversky (linen bandage collector) at 54.5, 77.9. 
5. Nurse Stonefield (silk bandage collector) at 57.6, 75.8.
6. Keeper Moonshade (runecloth bandage collector) at 55.7, 77.9. 
7. Private Draxlegauge (stranglethorn collector) at 70.3, 74.3.
8. Master Nightsong (purple lotus collector) at 71.9, 70.4. 
9. Sergeant Major Germaine (arthas' tears collector) at 71.3, 71.4.
10. Sergeant Stonebrow (copper bar collector) at 64.1, 65.5. 
11. Corporal Carnes (iron bar collector) at 65.5, 63.9. 
12. Dame Twinbraid (thorium bar collector) at 63.9, 68.2. 
13. Bonnie Stoneflayer (light leather collector) at 58.0, 76.0.
14. Medium leather collector at 58.7, 75.0. 
15. Marta Finespindle (thick leather collector) at 57.0, 75.0. 

List of WOW Classic Alliance War Effort supplies 

There is a list of what War Effort supplies Alliance have to collect to open Ahn'qiraj instances: 
14,000 Rainbow Fin Albacore 
17,000 Spotted Yellowtail 
20,000 Roast Raptor 
800,000 Linen Bandage 
600,000 Silk Bandage 
400,000 Runecloth Bandage 
33,000 Stranglekelp 
26,000 Purple Lotus 
20,000 Arthas' Tears 
90,000 Copper Bar 
80,000 Thick Leather 
28,000 Iron Bar 
24,000 Thorium Bar 
180,000 Light Leather 
110,000 Medium Leather 

Hope this guide can help you a lot with farming WOW Classic Alliance War Effort supplies. Besides, please buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us all the time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team