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Home > WOWClassicGP News > Guide: How to Defeat WOW Wrathion, the Black Emperor Raid Boss?
Guide: How to Defeat WOW Wrathion, the Black Emperor Raid Boss?

Time: 01/29/20

WOW Wrathion, the Black Emperor is the first boss you will encounter when Ny'alotha is available, and you have to defeat him in two phase. Here we provide some quick tips to kill him as well as the loots you will get. 

Tips to defeat WOW Wrathion, the Black Emperor boss 

You will encounter the first raid boss Wrathion of Ny'alotha in Visions of N'Zoth in two phase. During phase 1, your group can fight against Wrathion directly to deal with his simple yet dangerous "dragon mechanics". And in the phase 2, your party need to destroy Crackling Shards against the clock in order to survive the next upcoming phase one safely. Here are the quick tips to kill him:
1. Phase 1
  - Position the boss with his side to the raid so that Tail Swipe and Searing Breath don't hit them. 
  - Tanks need to take turns taking the Searing Breath and swapping on 2-3 stacks of Searing Armor.
  - If you're afflicted with Incineration, you should move 20-30 yards away from the raid before it expires.  
  - When Gale Blast is cast, move 30+ yards away from the boss and spread 5 yards away from your allies. 
  - When Wrathion casts Burning Cataclysm, find a safe spot on the opposite side of the room to the boss. 
2. Phase 2 
  - Make 3 mobile players soak the Scales of Wrathion. Then let them run through Crackling Shards to destroy them. 
  - All other players need to attack all the Crackling Shards that are left over. 

Loot from WOW Wrathion, the Black Emperor 

After defeating Wrathion, you can be able to obtain the following loots: 
- Faralos, Empire's Dream  
- Emberscale Gloves  
- Humming Black Dragonscale  
- Destroyer's Shadowblade  
- Mish'un, Blade of Tyrants  
- Ebony Scaled Gauntlets  
- Dragonbone Vambraces  
- Onyx-Imbued Breeches

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The WOWClassicGP Team