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Home > WOWClassicGP News > Guide: How to Get WOW Tower Shadehound Mount in Patch 9.0.5?
Guide: How to Get WOW Tower Shadehound Mount in Patch 9.0.5?

Time: 02/23/21

WOW Tower Shadehound mount is available in The Maw and added to Shadowlands Patch 9.0.5. You can learn the details below for the required items and steps to obtain Tower Shadehound. 

Required items for WOW Tower Shadehound mount 

Tower Shadehound is the third mount available in The Maw. This mount can be obtained from Shadowlands Patch 9.0.5 after completing a puzzle in Domination Keep and collecting pages of a book. To claim this mount, you need to have these items: 
1. Stygia Bar: requiring to convert 10 Stygia Dust and 10 Stygia Sliver in Soulsteel Anvil. Soulsteel Anvil is at 20.2, 67.0 and can be accessed via Domination Keep grapple at 23.0, 68.4. 
2. Armored Husk: requiring 1 Soulforger's Tools and 20 Stygia Bar. Soulforger's Tools can be dropped from Soulforger Rhovus that is a Maw rare. 

Steps to unlock WOW Tower Shadehound mount 

1. Find the puzzle on a platform at 24.0 75.5. 
2. Use Stygia Dowser. 
3. Find a chest with 6 glowing runes at the center of the platform. 
4. Click on 2 of the glowing runes at a time. 
5. Match the order of the runes near the chest with the order of spikes on the platform. 
6. Get Crumbling Stele from the chest. 
7. Buy Partial Rune Codex from Ve'nari with 1500 Stygia and read it. 
8. Collect three missing pages of the Rune Codex at 46.1 82.4, 27.2 72.3, and 24.6 12.6. 
9. Add them to Partial Rune Codex for Intact Rune Codex, showing the rest of steps to solve the puzzle.  
10. Find Stray Soul around Gorgoa, the River of Souls for Willing Wolf Soul. 
11. Get to Binding Altar at 45.1, 48.3 and click on it to bind Armored Husk and Willing Wolf Soul for Feral Shadehound. 
12. Complete Feral Shadehound quest to obtain Tower Shadehound mount. 

Hope you can obtain WOW Tower Shadehound mount easily with the guide. Besides, WOWClassicGP always offers cheap WOW gold and other products for you. 

The WOWClassicGP Team