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Guide: How to Obtain More WOW Classic Argent Dawn Reputation?

Time: 11/06/20

To prepare for the Naxxramas attunement, we provide a guide to help you gain WOW Classic Argent Dawn reputation quickly. Please read on for more details. 

Locations of WOW Classic Argent Dawn quartermaster 

Reaching at least Honored reputation with Argent Dawn is one of requirements to complete Naxxramas attunement. And as for the reputation with Argent Dawn, there are three Argent Dawn camps located in: 
1. Western Plaguelands (Alliance): You can aid Argent Dawn in Chillwind Camp in the southern ends of the Western Plaguelands, south of the Ruins of Andorhal.
2. Western Plaguelands (Horde): You can aid Argent Dawn at the Bulwark, at the border between Western Plaguelands and Tirisfal Glades.
3. Eastern Plaguelands: The camp is located in Light's Hope Chapel.     

Methods to gain WOW Classic Argent Dawn reputation 

You can gain your Argent Dawn reputation through these ways: 
1. Kill undead mobs 
You can gain reputation by killing undead mobs in the Plaguelands, with Argent Dawn Commission equipped. Normal undead mobs will grant reputation until 3000/6000 into Friendly, and elite mobs and normal mobs will gain reputation until 11999/12000 into Honored. Besides, bosses in Scholomance/Stratholme will grant reputation all the way to Exalted. 
2. Complete Plaguelands quests 
You can gain Argent Dawn reputation by completing many quests in the Plaguelands and few quests in other zones. (See the quest list here)
3. Complete Cauldron quests 
  - Felstone Field Cauldron
  - Dalson's Tears Cauldron
  - Writhing Haunt Cauldron
  - Gahrron's Withering Cauldron 
After completing each of them, please talk to Alchemist Arbington in Chillwind Camp/Apothecary Dithers at The Bulwark to receive a Vitreous Focuser. With Runecloth and Arcane Quickeners purchased from either NPC, you can go to these cauldrons and change their properties. Each turn-in to each cauldron will gain you 25 reputation with the Argent Dawn. 
4. Scourgestones 
At level 50, you can reach any Argent Dawn camps and obtain an Argent Dawn Commission via a quick quest. You can use Argent Dawn Commission to collect Scourgestones from Undead mobs. And you can turn in Scourgestones in any camps for reputation, with 25 reputation for each turn-in. 

Hope this guide can help you gain WOW Classic Argent Dawn reputation easily. Additionally, please buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team