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Home > WOWClassicGP News > Guide: How to Play WOW Holy Priest in Shadowlands Pre-Patch?
Guide: How to Play WOW Holy Priest in Shadowlands Pre-Patch?

Time: 10/24/20

If you play as WOW Holy Priest in Shadowlands Pre-Patch, please focus on the guide below. We will share new abilities and best rotation to help you play Holy Priest better. 

New abilities for WOW Holy Priest in Shadowlands Pre-Patch 

In Shadowlands Pre-Patch, Holy Priest has received some talent adjustments and GCD improvements: 
1. Circle of Healing: a baseline ability used on cooldown as usual.  
2. Renewed Faith: replacing Enduring Renewal on the 15 talent row. It can be a strong option for extremely fast boss kills.  
3. Prayer Circle: replacing Circle of Healing on the level 40 talent row in the pre-patch. After using Circle of Healing, it offers faster heals.  
4. Apotheosis: instantly resetting the cooldowns of your Holy Words when pressed. 
And there are also several returning abilities shared across all Priest specializations:  
1. Power Word: Shield: situational use when on the move and the ally needs instant healing.  
2. Shadow Word: Death: more shadow abilities now made available to Holy.  
3. Shadow Word: Pain: baseline ability. 

Best rotation for WOW Holy Priest in Shadowlands Pre-Patch 

As a Holy Priest, there is a rotation recommended in Shadowlands Pre-Patch: 
1. Cast Holy Word: Serenity on cooldown when target is around 50% HP. 
2. Cast Holy Word: Sanctify on cooldown when requiring group healing.  
3. Prayer of Mending on cooldown. 
4. Cast Circle of Healing on cooldown, which depends on damage patterns.  
5. Flash Heal as needed and to deal with spot damage. 
6. Cast Prayer of Healing when raid damage occurs, mana is permitting. 
7. Use Holy Word: Salvation or Divine Hymn with respect to other healer's raid cooldowns when heavy damage occurs.  
8. Heal as filler when not moving.
9. Renew when on the move while a target is taking sustained damage. 

Preview the guide to play WOW Holy Priest in Shadowlands Pre-Patch. Further, cheap WOW gold is always for sale at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team