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Guide: How to Prepare for Upcoming Burning Crusade Classic WOW?

Time: 03/01/21

Burning Crusade Classic WOW will be released this year. Before that, you need to do something to prepare for it in advance, such as choosing character, profession, etc. You can learn the following notes to get ready for it effectively. 

Steps to prepare for Burning Crusade Classic WOW 

You can prepare for Burning Crusade Classic through these several steps, including: 
1. Choose your character
2. Choose your professions
Leatherworking might be a good choice due to the Drums of Battle that is a powerful item only available for Leatherworking. Jewelcrafting is a new profession added to TBC Classic, which is useful when you want to make gold. 
3. Collect profession materials for profession leveling 
In TBC, you may need more items to level your profession due to the profession changes. Thus, you'd better obtain the items you will need in advance. For example, when leveling Jewelcrafting, you need more jewels, like Tigerseye, Moss Agate, Citrine, Aquamarine, Star Ruby, Large Emerald, Blue Sapphire, etc. 
4. Choose how to level 
There are two ways for leveling. The traditional way of leveling is to complete each zone, quest, and queue up a dungeon occasionally. Another way is to spam dungeons in a group. You will need a set of gear especially Naxxramas tier gear to level in this way. 
5. Choose reputation between Aldor and Scryers 
6. Level profession alts
The good options for profession alt are level 60 Tailor, level 60 Alchemists, and level 70 Druid. 
7. Be familiar with Attunement process 
8. Farm gold

Choose your Burning Crusade Classic profession 

One of the important things for preparing for Burning Crusade Classic is to choose proper professions. There are a total of 10 professions available in TBC, including a new profession called Jewelcrafting which will be active when TBC is released. 
All professions can be seen in our previous news, from which you can also see several professions' changes in TBC as well as the best matches for each profession. 

Get ready for Burning Crusade Classic with the steps above. By the way, cheap WOW Classic gold is for sale at WOWClassicGP all the time. You can place your orders at any time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team