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Guide: How to Summon & Defeat Omen Lunar Festival WOW Classic?

Time: 02/07/21

With Lunar Festival going on, we want to share a guide to help you summon WOW Classic Omen easily. You can also learn the tips to defeat it smoothly. 

How to summon Omen Lunar Festival WOW Classic? 

Omen is a demon boss in the Moonglade, which can be summoned during Lunar Festival. In order to summon the boss successfully, here we introduce the useful steps for all of you: 
1. Head to Moonglade. 
2. Buy 20 green rocket clusters from a Lunar Festival vendor. Maybe blue rocket cluster, red rocket cluster and lucky rocket cluster can also work. 
3. Go down to the Stormrage Barrow Dens (about 65, 65) on the southeastern Lake Elune'ara. 
4. Fire green rocket clusters in the nearby launchers. The Minion of Omen will be appear. 
5. Continue to fire rocket clusters and defeat the Minions until Omen appears. 
You can defeat Minions via Elune's Candle that can be purchased from Valadar Starsong with 10 silver coins. 

How to defeat Omen Lunar Festival WOW Classic?

After summoning Omen during the Lunar Festival event, you can start to defeat it. Although the actual level of Omen may be 3 levels higher than the average level your group, he is not difficult to defeat. You can see the tips here to kill it easily: 
1. Maybe a group with 9 players at mostly level 67+, including heals and DPS. 
2. Avoid his AOE called Starfall periodically. 
3. Tank Omen near the summon spot. 
4. Kite Omen into town and let guards get him. 
Besides, it's nice that Omen's health can't reset if you start again. 

Hope now you know how to summon and defeat Omen Lunar Festival WOW Classic. One more thing, remember to buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team