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Guide: How to Use WOW Party Sync to Play with Friends at Any Level?

Time: 06/16/20

Want to play with your friends at any level? Just use WOW Party Sync to group and quest together. How to use Party Sync and more details can be learned below.   

What is WOW Party Sync?
Party Sync is a new feature that can make higher-level players quest and experience outdoor content with lower-level friends as they level up, no matter their level. Since Winds of Wisdom will last for the release of Shadowlands, it's time to join in fight in Battle for Azeroth with Party Sync. 
When the Party Sync is activated, everyone inside the party can become aligned to the same quest stats and phase. Besides, levels will be scaled down to the cap of the expansion content your lowest-level party member qualifies for. 
Please note that you may be able to see the Replay Quests while questing in Sync. The Replay Quests are temporary and will end when the Party Sync ends. And you can complete them for rewards once a day.     

How to begin WOW Party Sync? 

You can begin Party Sync following these steps:
1. Invite and accept players into a party. 
2. Open your Map & Quest Log (hotkey: M). 
3. Click Start Party Sync in the lower-right corner. 
4. All partied players click Accept on the Party Sync confirmation dialogue box.

Just make use of WOW Party Sync to play with your friends regardless of level. What is more, please continue to buy cheap WOW gold and more goods from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team