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Guide of How to Create WOW Classic Characters Before Full Release

Time: 08/13/19

The name reservation has been opened. Have you created your preferred characters? Have you met any problems while creating them? Here, we showcase the steps and notes about how to create WOW Classic characters before full release for all of you so that you can accomplish this creation smoothly and successfully.  

Download and install the WOW Classic client

Before you create characters, you need to download and install the Classic client firstly. You can follow the steps below to complete it.
Step 1: Firstly open the Battle.net desktop app and choose " World of Warcraft" in the game selection menu;
Step 2: Then select World of Warcraft Classic under the " Version" menu. Or you will be able to see a second dropdown for " Account" if you have 1+ World of Warcraft account. In this case, you can select the active account you want to play on;
Step 3: Upon completing the two steps above, next click the " install" button to start installation process; 
Step 4: Lastly click the " Play" button to enter into the game as the installation is completed.

How to create characters in WOW Classic? 

You need to select preferred realm at first and then select " Create new character" to create characters. Meanwhile, you'll choose your faction, class and race, as well as customize your new character and reserve their names. If you have already three characters and want to change one of them, you will have to delete a character and then create a new one.
What you should keep in mind is that you can create 10 characters on any realm and a maximum of 50 characters across all WOW Classic realms can be created. Besides, characters in WOW Classic beta or stress tests will not be used again after its global release and your characters must be exist in the same faction.

Create your favorite characters in WOW Classic with this guide. Also, you can buy cheap WOW Classic gold with safe and fast delivery from us.

The WOWClassicGP Team