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Guide to Defeat WOW Zolla Battle Pet in Micro Defense Force Quest

Time: 01/27/21

WOWClassicGP shares a guide regarding how to kill WOW Zolla battle pet in Micro Defense Force quest. More specific strategies can be learned below. 

WOW Micro Defense Force quest available to complete 

Micro Defense Force is a battle pet world quest available in Shadowlands. It requires you to defeat Zolla battle pet at level 60 in Bastion. Upon the completion, you can be rewarded with 125 reputation with The Ascended and 8,150 experience. 

How to defeat WOW Zolla in Micro Defense Force? 

Zolla is a battle pet available in Micro Defense Force quest. You can find it at /way 51.4, 38.2 in Bastion. Zolla will summon Battery, Slasher and Pounder during the fight. To help you defeat Zolla and its companions easily, we suggest that you choose Fel Flame, Molten Corgi and any other elemental pets to combat. 
You should start the fight with Fel Flame pet, using its Immolate and Conflagrate abilities to attack Battery first. Immolate can deal 12 Elemental damage instantly, and Conflagrate can deal 30 Elemental damage with four round cooldown. Following the two abilities, you can use Fel Flame's Burn ability against Battery until Battery dies. Then please continue to use Fel Flame's abilities in the order mentioned just now to fight against Slasher and Pounder until Fel Flame dies. If Fel Flame dies, you can start to use Molten Corgi pet to combat. You need to cast Flamethrower and Puppies of the Flame abilities. Then please continue to use Flamethrower ability until Pounder explodes. You can also use Molten Corgi's Cauterize ability if necessary. 

Defeat WOW Zolla battle pet with the guide above. Additionally, you can buy WOW gold and other related products from us at any time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team