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How Do WOW Classic Dishonorable Kills & HKs Affect Rank in Phase 2?

Time: 11/15/19

PvP Honor System has been launched in phase 2. Have you taken part in to attempt to reach a higher rank? You can learn the effects of WOW Classic Dishonorable Kills and Honorable Kills to improve your rank for better rewards.    

WOW Classic Dishonorable Kills impact your rank severely in phase 2

As introduced previously, WOW Classic Dishonorable Kills occur when you kill civilian NPCs in PvP combat, which will be able to impact your Honor rating seriously. Each dishonorable kill will cost you some of the honor that you have earned in former weeks, so you need to watch out and avoid DKs if possible. Otherwise it's difficult to reach the higher ranks once your dishonorable kills occur and are counted on your record. Even you might lose a PvP rank if you have enough DKs.     

Obtain WOW Classic Honorable Kills to improve your rank in phase 2

As WOW Classic PvP Honor System is live in phase 2, you can start getting more Honorable Kills to advance in the PvP system. The current weekly rating depends on the amount of HKs you've got for the week and before, as well as the ranking for the week. Here are three ways to earn more Honorable Kills in order to help you reach the higher rank: 
1. You can defeat your enemies within 10 levels of your character to earn HKs.
2. Each HK has certain amount of Honor Contribution Points. And defeating players with more PvP experience and a higher rank will give you more CPs than players with few PvP experience and a lower rank. Getting more CPs is handy for your ranking for the week. 
3. Killing city faction leaders in Darnassus, Ironforge, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff and the Undercity will also give you plenty of Honor. Battlegrounds will also provide Honor once they are available in WOW Classic. 
However, please note that when the system resets the Diminishing Returns, the number of Honor will be decreased if you kill the same enemy for many times. You can get 100% of Honor when you defeat your enemy first time. But if you repeat the kills on this enemy, you will get 75% of Honor for the second defeat, 50% of Honor for the third defeat, 25% of Honor for the fourth defeat and no Honor for the fifth and more defeat.      

Come to take part in PvP Honor System and devote to improving your rank with the help of tips about Dishonorable Kills and Honorable Kills. Besides, you can buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us constantly.

The WOWClassicGP Team