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How to Defeat WOW Classic Hazza'rah in ZG Edge of Madness Event?

Time: 06/29/20

Now you can fight with WOW Classic Hazza'rah boss in ZG Edge of Madness. Hazza'rah is a witch doctor boss and probably the most complicated one. You can learn the guide below to be familiar with his abilities and then defeat him. Upon the completion, you can gain various boss loots.  

Strategies for WOW Classic Hazza'rah abilities 

Hazza'rah can use three abilities in Edge of Madness event, including:
1. AOE Mana Burn
An ability can chain via raid members. If Hazza'rah doesn't have Mana, he will not use this ability. Because Hazza'rah's Mana pool is very small, Hunters and Warlocks can be easy to keep his mana drained.
2. Summon Nightmare Illusions
This ability can invoke 3 Nightmare Illusions that can deal massive damage. You can kill them in a single global by most classes due to their very little health. And you need to kill them as quickly as possible since they can one or two-shot weaker armored classes.
3. Sleep
It can make nearby enemies sleep for 6 seconds, but any damage caused will awaken them. Thus, the tanks on Hazza'rah will be awakened almost immediately. 

Loots of WOW Classic Hazza'rah boss  

After defeating Hazza'rah during ZG Edge of Madness, you will be able to claim these boss loots, such as: 
- Fiery Retributer (Strength/Defense one-handed sword)  
- Thoughtblighter (Mp5 Wand)  
- Hazza'rah's Dream Thread (ZG trinket item)

Hope this guide can help you a lot with defeating WOW Classic Hazza'rah boss. In the meanwhile, please buy cheap WOW Classic gold with regular 6% off at our site anytime.

The WOWClassicGP Team