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How to Find WOW Harvest Key to Unlock The Harvest Treasure?

Time: 02/25/21

Don't know where to find WOW Harvest Key? Don't worry. You can be able to learn the three locations below to look for the key fast. Once obtained, you can use it to open The Harvest treasure. 

Use WOW Harvest Key to open The Harvest treasure 

Harvest Key is a level 1 item that can give the access to a private estate in the Chalice District any treasure within. It's hidden in the random locations in Shadowlands Revendreth by Grumbles. When you find Harvest Key, you can use it to open The Harvest treasure that is located at Abandoned Purlieu at 38.6, 39.31 in Revendreth. 

Locations of WOW Harvest Key in Revendreth 

Grumbles has hid the Harvest Key in the area near the Castle Nathria raid entrance within Revendreth and left the Note What Says Where You Put The Key. And here are several possible locations offered to help you look for Harvest Key easily: 
1. "The big man"
If you find the note showing the key is hidden "by the big man himself", you can head to the large statue at 42.01, 41.47, which is surrounded by Royal Arcanists. Interact with the statue to obtain Harvest Key. 
2. "Big lamp"
If the note says that the key is near "one of those big lamps, not the little ones", don't be misled. You can find the lamp at 43.8, 41.5. Then interact with it to get Harvest Key.
3. "Another storehouse"
Another location of Harvest Key is at 38.22, 43.72, a place that Grumbles considers as "another storehouse". 

All the possible locations of WOW Harvest Key are shared above. Come to look for it with the locations now. Besides, don't forget to buy cheap WOW gold from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team