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Home > WOWClassicGP News > How to Gain WOW Classic League of Arathor Reputation in Arathi Basin?
How to Gain WOW Classic League of Arathor Reputation in Arathi Basin?

Time: 03/12/20

Do you earn any League of Arathor reputation from WOW Classic Arathi Basin battleground? If not, please take a sneak peek at following tips to help you gain reputation more quickly. And various reputation rewards are also waiting for you.    

Tips to earn WOW Classic League of Arathor reputation

Arathi Basin battleground has begun and now you can attempt to earn more League of Arathor reputation. Several tips are shared to help you obtain faction reputation easily:
1. Getting 200 resources will earn you 10 reputation. If you win the battleground, you will get 100 reputation. 
2. During Arathi Basin Battleground Weekends, you will be able to obtain 10 reputation each 150 resources. If you win, you will get 130 reputation. 
3. 50 reputation can be obtained by turning in 3 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor that can be gained while winning the battleground. But if you lose, you will just get 1 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor. 
4. Completing The Battle for Arathi Basin! quest available at Neutral will gain you 500 reputation. 
5. Completing Control Four Bases quest available at Friendly will gain you 800 reputation. 
6. Completing Concerted Efforts quest will gain you 150 reputation. This quest is repeatable, but subsequent turn-ins instead grant 100 reputation. 

Enjoy reputation rewards in WOW Classic Arathi Basin 

Besides the much reputation you can get in Arathi Basin, you can enjoy many reputation rewards at different standings of reputation as well, such as belts at Honored, boots with +Movement Speed at Revered, Shoulders at Exalted and some caster weapons and an agility cloak. 
- Superior Healing Draught
- Highlander's Enriched Ration
- Highlander's Cloth Girdle
- Highlander's Cloth Boots 
- Highlander's Epaulets
- Highlander's Lizardhide Shoulders 
More reputation rewards can be seen here. What's more, you can also get a special Exalted reward Arathor Battle Tabard that is not purchased in the reputation vendor. 

Come to gain WOW Classic League of Arathor reputation with this guide. And you can also buy WOW Classic gold and other goods at best price from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team