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How to Obtain WOW Classic The 1 Ring Item with Low Drop Rate?

Time: 11/09/19

The 1 Ring is a random fishing prize with extremely low drop rate. But it has very good stats and will bring many buffs when you wear it on your finger. Here you can learn the useful methods to get it.

How to get WOW Classic The 1 Ring?

To obtain the rare item The 1 Ring in a higher chance, we encourage you to look for it by fishing in every fishing area with low level, like the canals in Stormwind city, Thunder Bluff and other fishing areas in both Horde and Alliance major cities and secondary areas. In addition, you can also train your fishing skill to increase the chance of fishing The 1 Ring.  
If you find this ring, you need to destroy it through going to Blackrock Depths volcano and then throwing it into the fire. In the meanwhile, you should need a raid with 4 gnome rogues or warriors, 1 human mage, one dwarf warrior, one night elf hunter and 2 human warriors in case of no healers in your party since some of you will die. Besides, please remember to bring some silly night elf priests at the same time and make sure the Mage has some feathers.

The 1 Ring: a random fishing prize with low drop rate

The 1 Ring requiring level 10 to wield is a totally random fishing prize. It's pretty difficult to get it and even an avid fisherman is unlikely to ever see one. Owing to its extremely low drop rate, most of you will not sell it but to collect it in general. But if you want, you can sell it for 11 silver gold or 30 copper. And The 1 Ring will bring many buffs after putting it on your finger, including 1 Strength, one Agility, one Stamina, 1 Intellect and 1 Spirit increased. 

All in all, good luck to fish WOW Classic The 1 Ring for you. Moreover, we will continue offering cheap WOW Classic gold and other products for you constantly.

The WOWClassicGP Team