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Home > WOWClassicGP News > How to Play & Choose Maw Beast in WOW Beasts of Prodigum Event?
How to Play & Choose Maw Beast in WOW Beasts of Prodigum Event?

Time: 01/13/21

WOW Beasts of Prodigum bonus event has been currently live. And you can start to pick up your Maw beast and get new Anima Powers. Here we will show you how to do during this Torghast bonus event and how to choose a proper beast. 

Steps to play WOW Beasts of Prodigum event 

You can follow these steps to take part in Beasts of Prodigum event: 
1. Select a Maw beast 
When you come to a Torghast wing this week, you will be offered two normal Anima Power choices and two Beasts of Prodigum choices by your first Anima Power, including: 
- Lycara's Bargain (epic)
- Circlet of Weeds (uncommon)
- Shade Essence-Lure (Beasts of Prodigum)
- Wailing Pendant (Beasts of Prodigum)
Three beasts can be summoned by Prodigum Anima Power choices: 
- Valioc: summoned by Shade Essence-Lure. 
- Nal'tari: summoned by Wailing Pendant. 
- Horgul, Hound of Darkness: summoned by Chain of Command. 
2. Get new Anima Powers 
After choosing a Maw beast, then you can be able to get new Anima Powers that can be used to boost your beast, like: 
Collar of Teeth
Anamnestic Memories
Hungering Anima
Infused Flesh
Runic Etchings
Satchel of the Hunt
Stygian Victuals
Symbiotic Essence (Rare)
Unnatural Claws (Rare)
Volatile Augury (Epic)
The effect of these new Anima Powers can be learned here

How to choose proper Maw beasts in WOW Beasts of Prodigum? 

There are three beasts you can pick up during Beasts of Prodigum Torghast bonus event. If you like haste and want to deal big damage by yourself, you can pick up Valioc beast summoned by Shade Essence-Lure. If you are in Soulforges or another zone with many casters, you can also choose Shade Essence-Lure to summon Valioc in order to mass silence and deal some damage. And if you are solo and want a Tank, you can choose Horgul, Hound of Darkness summoned by Chain of Command. 
If your Beasts of Prodigum die, they will come back after 20 seconds when they channel Coalesce Anima. And please note that Beasts of Prodigum isn't available in the Twisting Corridors. 

Hope this guide can help you a lot with WOW Beasts of Prodigum. By the way, you can buy cheap WOW gold from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team