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Increase WOW Classic Maximum Realm Capacity for Long Queue Times

Time: 08/29/19

Owing to the long server queue times, Blizzard has announced that increasing WOW Classic maximum realm capacity has been in progress. With this measure being in effect, you may just wait for less time to play Classic and more players will log in and play simultaneously. In addition, here we also show you the details of latest NA server queue times.

Cap of WOW Classic Realm Capacity Increased

It has been confirmed that Blizzard is trying his best to increase the cap of Classic realm capacity. According to the recent official data, we can see that there are too many people queuing up in NA and EU realms since WOW Classic has been launched, even some people have waited for several hours to play, which brings inconvenience to players. In this case, Blizzard has made such a decision to let more people log in and play at the same time and also to reduce queue times. 

Latest NA server queue times shared to you  

We know that what you most focus on is that how long you have to wait and when you will begin to play, so we decide to share the current situation of NA server queue times to help you know the newest information in time. From the latest official post, seventeen NA realms already have no queues. However, queues in Fairbanks, Faerlina, Herod, Incendius, Stalagg, Skeram, Thalnos and Whitemane realms have more than 7,000 players, even some of them have over 10,000 players such as Faerlina realm, and the rest of NA realms have less number of players in queue.

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The WOWClassicGP Team